Who am I?

I am not your stereotypical Millenial

Lazy? Pro at procrastinating? Phone addicted? No. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been busy with lots of things. I started working at a young age, while I was studying and playing field hockey & tennis 6 times a week.


I am not your stereotypical Millenial

More About Me

That’s when my Project Management skill started to develop very quickly. After working for several companies, such as Multitools and Shape & Curvy, I wanted to do an internship at a bigger company. Zalando was twice as big as I had in mind, but I never say no to a challenge, and so I went to Berlin to have the most amazing experience. I received the opportunity to collaborate on lots of projects and I managed some projects on my own too. What did I do? Oef, where to start. I wrote lots of SEO texts, did some coding, managed the online magazine, built lots of landing pages & worked on lots of glocal projects such as ‘Fashion Capitals’.

Upon graduating, I got the opportunity to pick a topic for my thesis myself. Ha. Great opportunity to show what I am passionate about. I did my thesis on “How the Coaching Industry should change with Generation Z entering the workforce”. Yes, something completely different than Marketing, but if you look closely it all has something in common: the focus is on people. So, my guess is that by now you know I’m a people-person 😉

After fighting mental health issues myself, I felt the need to help others. Again, I just cannot do nothing. Early 2019 I founded “Let’s Break the Shame”, initally an Instagram campaign where people from all over the world share their experiences with mental health issues through a photo followed by a story. Wow, never thought I’d be able to reach this many people. In my mind I already had 2000 other ideas, but where to start? A well deserved break in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore & voluntary work in South Africa provided me some rest and guidance. Other people helped and inspired me too.

Oh, and in between all this I just built this website. Myself.

Focus on People & Quality

No matter what the reason is of hiring me, my focus will always be on both people and quality. Something Marketing related? Let’s have a look at what your target audience wants and needs, and not what you desire. Yup, your business is actually not about you. Based on the project, I will deliver an end result that will blow your mind (can be either positively or negatively).

Something related to Mental Health? I don’t think I need to stress the fact that I care about humans. I’m always on the hunt for people who want to join the Instagram campaign or help with upcoming events. Schools and companies are more than welcome to reach out to me too, if a class or training on mental health is needed.

If you need someone for events or project management, you can knock at my door too. I am not only able to do this because of my education and experience, but I’m simply just a woman with brains.

All this bla bla bla might not interest you that much. View my full portfolio here.