Who I am

In July 2019, I graduated from Arnhem Business School with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a specialization in organization & change. As a digital marketeer, I have worked for numerous start-ups and corporates in the fashion, tech, sports, and education industry. I started out in early 2016 as a marketing assistant at Multitools VOF. 3.5 years later, I’ve worked for Zalando, TUI, Euralarm and many more. I’m currently a Marketing Manager at Story of AMS, a digital creative agency. During the years, I’ve gained experience in SEO, writing content for various audiences, translating work, and setting up campaigns. Other than that, I’ve also managed campaigns, social media accounts, strategies of companies, people and much more. Read more about my services here or view my portfolio here.

I’ve recently started to develop myself towards the area of working closely with people. It’s one of the reasons why I took the role of a marketing manager. I get to work with people every single day, which ensured me to learn how to deal with different behaviors and attitudes towards a certain problem or situation. Furthermore, I am the CEO of “Let’s Break the Shame”, a mental health initiative set up by me to break the shame and stigma around mental health problems. Currently, I am running an Instagram campaign “#letsbreaktheshame” which you can see here. At the moment, I’m busy with some other work-related matters concerning this project.

How I work

If you think I can help you or your business grow, send an email to info@maecallie.com. It would be great if you could add the type of project, estimated hours of work, budget and deadline in your email. If it concerns something that doesn’t have a deadline and is long-term based, then leave those details out. I’ll reply within one working day with information regarding your project. Hopefully, we’ve got a deal and can start a great collab!

Once we’ve got our project set up, I’ll keep you updated on a weekly basis.

Meet the team