Zalando was a great learning experience, where I was able to take on a lot of projects. I was completely responsible for their EDITORIAL, an online magazine featured on their website. I uploaded articles every day, which was in the beginning not easy because I was not familiar with HTML coding. After a while, I even knew how to build my very own articles from scratch. A couple of months later, we started a local project with MOAM (Dutch company) which meant I had to upload more articles and build these from scratch. The articles first had to be written for all countries, then translated to Dutch by me, and then published the page had to be built by me.

I created a whole new code, within Zalando’s backend, which allowed me to create a snippet. A snippet is a short text that appears when you search for something on Google. Not every keyword has a snippet. It took a few weeks to create a code, because, back then, Google did not expose how a snippet page is set up. Furthermore, Zalando’s pages and projects have their own design, which is already a code by itself. Some of these pages, such as ‘Hoe verwijder je bloedvlekken uit je kleding’ (how to remove blood stains from your clothes). It is of much value to the company, as snippets increase visitors to a page and therefore website.

Another main task was to update and create trend pages. Trend pages are pages with clothes of a certain trend. For example, a lot of people searched for ‘sock boots’ (I used Google’s fabulous tool for this), so I created a page where only sock boots could be found. However, I first had to search for all the sock boots at Zalando and add them to the page. I then had to write Meta descriptions for Google, transfer it to mobile as well, add a title to the page, create a URL, put these pages in internal docs, and sometimes I had to write SEO texts as well. It also occurred every now and then that I updated existing trend pages with new products, and sometimes I had to search a long time to find a new trend and create such a page. Read: you’ve got yourself a research pro over here.

Other tasks were: updating SEO texts for 50 brands every month, checking brand rankings of around 50 brands, working on projects such as Smartwatches and FashionCapitals, writing articles, analyzing the performance of articles, checking existing pages and its relevance, doing competitor checks (analyzing everything that’s behind their websites) and many more.


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